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Comprehensive Trademark Search

A Comprehensive Trademark Search includes a comprehensive search by an outsourced search firm, and attorney time for reviewing and analyzing the results of the search, and preparing an opinion letter.

What databases are included in the Comprehensive Trademark Search? The search encompasses the USPTO, state trademark databases, and Dunn & Bradstreet. The search includes spelling variations and iterations of your proposed trademark. For example, if your proposed trademark is CHECKMATE, a comprehensive search would include variations such as the following: CHEKMATE, CHECKM8, CHEKMATE, CHECKMAIT etc.) 

Should I order a Comprehensive Trademark Search? If you are rolling out a new brand, a Comprehensive Trademark Search is strongly suggested.

On a tight budget? Please consider a Preliminary Trademark Search prior to filing.

If you've been using a trademark for awhile (at least 6+ months), you may want to go straight to USPTO Trademark Filing.


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