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Brand Gating Blueprint

You've asked for it, and it's here!

The Brand Gating Blueprint, which is my step-by-step guide to increase the likelihood that Amazon will answer your Brand Gating request, is now here!

"Why?" you might ask.

"But, Suzi, I thought you weren't doing these anymore!" you're wondering.

People contact me daily to handle Brand Gating for them. I have been overwhelmed with work in the past, and I've had very successful results with Amazon...but, that was prior to the rollout of Brand Registry 2.0.

Here's the problem:

After that happened, my results seemed to drop off. I simply do not work on matters if I cannot get excellent results for my clients... and have an excellent track recording showing those results.

Plus, I recently slightly pivoted my practice to focus less on Amazon (and intellectual property enforcement via the platform).

Amazon is unpredictable and glitchy. {Of course, I still do trademark enforcement, but OFF the Amazon platform.} 

Many people responded and asked me, "Suzi, if you won't do this for me, for the love of God, can you at least show me how?"

You asked. And I've answered.

{Sometimes, I forget that people just need a simple blueprint of how to do things.}

And so, without further ado, the keys are now in your hands.

Brand Gating Blueprint includes the following:

1. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a Brand Gating Request.

2. A worksheet for you to complete with question prompts, so you can pull exactly the right information needed to submit to Amazon for this request.

3. The template letter that I used to submit to Amazon to get brands gated ~ even obscure (not famous!) ones.

4. Correspondent addresses for Amazon. (Note, these are publicly-facing mailing addresses and I do not provide personal email contacts! Don't ask!)


1. My Counterfeit Slayer: the demand letter template I use to submit to Amazon to successfully remove hundreds of counterfeiters.

2. A mild trademark cease and desist template letter (to submit to trademark infringers).

3. An aggressive trademark cease and desist template letter (to submit to trademark infringers).


Does this service assist with gating in jurisdictions outside the United States?

At this time, the content provided here focuses on the US only.

Why should I spend any money on this?

I've created the step-by-step process because I'm simply too busy to handle such requests myself, and because I want to get the strategy and process in the hands of those who've asked me how I've done it. When people initially paid me (thousands of dollars) to handle this, I made sure I gave them a result, and if I didn't the result, I gave a refund. This is different because you aren't buying a result, you're buying the information, the step-by-step guide, and the template I've used in the past.

What are the factors that enable brands to get gated?

Please note that there doesn't appear to be an exact "formula." My experience has been that brand owners need to be able to substantiate counterfeit issues, as well as their proactive efforts to handle counterfeit issue on their own. {Brand owners who are dealing with "unauthorized sellers" will have little success.}

With Transparency and Project Zero rolled out, is brand gating really that necessary? 

At this time, we just don't know. There are downsides to Transparency, including the fact that it can be administratively costly if brand owners have a lot of ASINs.

I'm just dealing with unauthorized sellers. Will Amazon gate my brand?

My experience is that the answer is usually 'no.' If you are dealing with unauthorized seller issues, I encourage you to address issues with your distribution channels. Amazon is much more willing to help if brand owners are dealing with counterfeit issues, especially if the products go on or in the body (i.e., if there could be a health and safety issue.)

My trademark isn't registered yet. Will this help me?

No! Get your trademark registered first. Apply to work with me here.

Why won't you just provide this service for me?

I am extraordinarily busy doing the work I absolutely love, which includes, trademark creation and my Eiger Dreams business consulting. I can charge a premium for the work I do, and I'm very fortunate. I cannot charge my normal rates for brand gating requests. The truth is, Amazon will not honor most brand gating requests. Instead of keeping the strategy I've used in the past to help my clients secret, I'm just getting it out there for those who want it. Simply put, it doesn't make economic sense for either one of us (you or me) to pay my current rate for me to do this work for you. 



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