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Suzi has a very systematic way of working and it helps a lot to get your information in the right sequence, properly formatted and with clear guidance right from the start. The onboarding itself was stellar so, even though we did our homework prior to contacting her team, we highly appreciated the structured way of working. Each and every email she sent was full of enthusiasm, energy and goodwill. The very structured method of working was the bonus :) No corporate feeling while working with Suzi and her team.  I would definitely recommend Suzi and her team for passionate brand builders that need some guidance with trademarks, intellectual property and everything in between. Somehow she has the ability to transform this daunting task into a more pleasant experience. I always felt that the brand we registered was in good hands right from the very first interactions with Suzi :) Working with Suzi meant zero stress for us and her enthusiasm and positive energy made all the difference. - Dorin Andrei, Web Ventures SRL

In the past I've tried going the cheap route with trademarks but always ended up with more questions than answers. It's such a confidence boost to know my trademarks are now being submitted correctly by an expert and that they'll have teeth if we need to defend them. It's also a great feeling to be able to rely on someone to defend our company against bad actors who profit from selling counterfeit products. Suzi has gone to bat for us and we were thankful to have her on our side. - Michael Krutz

I would recommend Suzi to anyone wanting to protect and market their business or intellectual property. She’s an amazing intellectual property attorney as well as a nurturing business coach. Suzi is simply put; brilliant, humble and a true gift to anyone wanting to get their idea or intellectual property protected and out on the market. Suzi did all of my Trademarks and is an exceptional professional at the top of her field. She knows her stuff; so when you hire Suzi you can rest assured that every detail will be carried out to perfection to protect your interest. Not only is she passionate, she has amazing follow through, and cares for your business as if it were her very own. Suzi is an exceptional woman and professional! I recommend her highly! - Joy Yascone, MA, Composer|Musician|SAG Actor|Founder|Author|Coach

Suzi has the rare combination of not only being exceptionally well qualified, but also very pleasant to work with. Whenever my clients need expert legal advice on intellectual property questions, I refer them to Suzi without hesitation. If you are looking for an intellectual property attorney, I highly recommend you contact her. You will be very glad you did. - Doug Bend, Legal Counsel For Entrepreneurs at Bend Law Group

Serious Hi-Jacker Gone In 5 Hours! We battled for 4 days to remove a serious Counterfeiter from our product listing. They cost us thousands of dollars in loss of revenue. We went through our (normally successful) approach of sending them 3 emails including a cease & desist letter. They just laughed in our face. Then we engaged Suzi Hixon of Hixon Law- AND BOOM! Within 5 hours the counterfeiter was gone thanks to Suzi. I highly recommend Suzi Hixon and her firm before it’s too late. - DK, E-Commerce Owner

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