Eiger Dreams Peer Advisory Board

Have you ever desired your very own "board of advisors" when you're making big business decisions?

An outside perspective can help you substantially grow your business, and possibly avert disaster.



What is a "Peer Advisory Board"?

You've likely heard these groups called "masterminds."

Simply put, a peer advisory board ~ a type of mastermind ~ is a high-level forum reserved for fellow sophisticated business owners to come together on a regular basis and tap into each other's insights and experiences to solve their business challenges, learn and grow. 

The Eiger Dreams Peer Advisory Board facilitates the collaboration of business owners in a safe environment, helping them tackle tough business decisions, achieve goals, and grow as entrepreneurs and leaders.


"Why would I want to be in a mastermind. I can just bounce ideas of my business partner, or spouse.…"


Whoa, wait a minute right there, partner! 


And you seriously keep wondering why you are always stuck and running into the same business hurdles over and over again...


✘  When you try to discuss business goals and obstacles, you feel like the exchange of information is one-sided or stops prematurely, with no real specific goal. 

✘  The people you try to talk to are in exact same verticals, with a lack of diversity and different perspectives.

✘   You're worried about sharing confidential information with industry competitors, but you really need someone "at your level" to bounce ideas off of.

✘   Your discussions lack no direction, and end up fruitless with no real tangible outcomes or action steps.

✘   There is no accountability.

✘  Sometimes, you don't even know what to ask, or how to properly frame your questions, to get the root of what ails you. 


The Eiger Dreams Peer Advisory Board addresses all of the above, and exists to accelerate your business growth. 

You can tackle tough business decisions with the help of a tight group of diverse and sophisticated peers...similarly situated, but still unique, just like you.

And the Eiger Dreams Peer Advisory Board is here to facilitate accelerated growth and decision-making.

Making big business decisions has always felt lonely...

Until now. Before I joined the Eiger Dreams Mastermind (Team Fuego)  my business was flailing and failing.  I never knew who to turn to, and the online world can feel so isolating. I'm so relieved I found Eiger Drams Mastermind Team Fuego. Although the Mastermind as technically over, I've made relationships with my teammates that will definitely last years to come. This Mastermind saved my business. ~ Trevor K.

Business blindspots were killing my bottom line...

Suzi has an instinct for putting together great teams and facilitating the Eiger Dreams Mastermind. Not only were my teammates kind, our backgrounds were so diverse and complementary. Getting outside perspectives was key to dramatic performance improvement. It helps to have a facilitator who is an attorney and knows how to help us frame questions in a way to get to the heart of what we are really seeking! ~ Chase B.

Criteria for membership is on-point....

One thing that really attracted me to Eiger Dreams Mastermind is the fact that Suzi purposefully forms teams in such a way that there is a diversity of insights and perspectives. I could not have been happier with the quality of people in my group. Everyone brought value and some serious business acumen, and everyone seem to take away tenfold! ~ Lisa F.

The Eiger Dreams Peer Advisory Board helps business owners make better decisions. Period.

Here's how Eiger Dreams Peer Advisory Board works:

If accepted for a Team, Suzi Hixon ~ attorney and facilitator ~ matches you with a group of 4 (min) to 8 (max) high-caliber entrepreneurs in different industry verticals. (That said, Eiger Dreams is not a networking group.)

✔︎  Peers have a comparable level of accomplishments in each Team.

✔︎  Each Team meeting is facilitated personally by Suzi Hixon, Esq., who guides each meeting to ensure smooth and efficient flow.

✔︎  Suzi works closely with you to properly frame your questions so that you can get to actionable solutions quickly.

✔︎  Your new external advisory board will help bring new insights that challenge your traditional thinking.  

Meet the Eiger Dreams Peer Advisory Board Facilitator, Suzi Hixon, Esq.

  • Trademark Attorney + Brand Name Creation Strategist
  • Certified Mastermind Facilitator Training through The Success Alliance
  • Over 15 years of experience working with small businesses as an attorney and business advisor
  • As an attorney and "professional question-asker," Suzi ensures peers are properly positioning questions during hot seats, so that solutions are reached efficiently and can be implemented quickly

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