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I've learned through my years in Trademark law that clients get hung up in the process or simply don’t know where to start. Our services and programs simplify the process. We will take you to the top of the slope so your business can take off and glide down the path to success, straight down the fall line, with fewer obstacles along the way.

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"When it comes to learning how to protect the assets of my Private Label brand, Suzi is my go-to. She has savvy business knowledge and combines this with her legal knowledge to help me minimize Amazon hijackers!"

Dimitri Veshnov

"No matter what level of expertise you are, Suzi can help you! She has a unique ability to take complex legal matters and make them simple. I also love that she has her own Amazon business, so she knows the unique needs of private label sellers! "

Mina Shelton

"I know that my brand name is one of the most valuable assets of my business, and I was shocked when a hijacker jumped on my Amazon listing. Suzi handled it for me so I could focus on sourcing and building other aspects of my import business. We also developed a game plan to try to prevent this from happening in the future."

Timbre Moore

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